What Do Reviews Say About Cytomel?

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According to reviews, Cytomel is a long-known and widely used drug. It can be easily found on sale in most countries of the world under various names and in various dosage forms. Counterfeiting of the drug is extremely rare. It is important to note that you should not buy Liothyronine Sodium in injectable form. Such drugs are used only as a last resort and can potentially have dangerous side effects on the body if used incorrectly. Cytomel is dispensed from pharmacies by prescription.

For the athlete, the main action of Liothyronine Sodium weight loss: promotes quality muscle growth without unnecessary water retention and fat accumulation, increasing the density and relief of the muscles. It is actively used with virtually no restrictions on age, sex, weight or other anthropometric data, but requires strict adherence to instructions as potentially as powerful as dangerous.

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Reviews of The Use of Cytomel in Bodybuilding

Reviews athletes who have used Cytomel for sports purposes, describe it only positively: due to the wide range of action it is an actual product for virtually any physical sports – effectively used from fitness in women to bodybuilding in men.

The average recommended dosage of Liothyronine Sodium is from 5-25 mcg to 50-100 mcg per day: it is recommended to start with a minimum amount of the substance (from 5-25 mcg per day) to determine the tolerance of the body, and then gradually increase the volume (up to 50-100 mcg per day) to determine the optimal dose.

The cycle of application of Cytomel on average last 4-8 whole weeks. Longer it is usually not used because of the increased risk of side effects and tolerance, annihilating the advantages of the substance. It is important to understand that the correct duration of intake, as well as dosage, is selected individually athletes, otherwise it may be insufficient or, conversely, excessive. And this is fraught with consequences!

cytomel reviews for weight loss

Combined Cycle

For maximum progress, preferably not abuse, but combined use of Cytomel: for safety, it is combined with beta-blockers (to reduce the load on the cardiovascular system), and for efficiency – with Clenbuterol, HGH, even steroids (to enhance cutting). Combined cycles – the right choice of experienced athletes on the basis of the reviews, but it is necessary to observe safety precautions.

Thus, it is recommended to be examined and consult a doctor in advance, eliminating contraindications to the use of Liothyronine Sodium: coronary heart disease, cachexia, thyrotoxicosis, myocarditis, adrenal insufficiency and hypersensitivity to the active substance or components in the composition. It is prescribed with caution in heart failure, tachycardia, tachyarrhythmia, angina, diabetes and in the elderly to avoid aggravation of the applying condition.

Side Effects of Cytomel Reviews

The reviews noted that abuse of Cytomel may cause allergic reactions to the substance or components of the drug, the development of heart failure and angina pectoris; overdose – thyrotoxicosis, increased sweating, tremor, anxiety, irritability, appetite disorders, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fever, headaches and dysmenorrhea.