High Peaks Barbell Club is the premier training facility in the Moreno Valley. High Peaks Barbell Club is dedicated to promoting a comfortable, friendly environment where you can achieve all of your fitness goals. We understand that a gym should be a gym, and that the people that run a gym should know the industry. And though we welcome everybody, we readily admit that we are not for everybody. Our members are “SERIOUS” about fitness…men and women who drive 9 miles buy winstrol down the road to get the best and they understand that the best results don’t come from constant running on a treadmill or using stationed machines. No, they know that the best results come from hard work and dedication. Nothing more. Nothing less. We offer a variety of options to meet all of your fitness needs. High Peaks Barbell Club offers customized workouts and nutrition plans, group exercise, and personal training to keep you on the right path of attaining your fitness goals and sustaining a healthier lifestyle. We also offer competitive sport training; i.e. Soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, fast pitch, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strongman. High Peaks Barbell Club is ONE of ONLY three certified US Olympic Weightlifting Facilities in New Mexico High Peaks Barbell Club is a High-Altitude Training Center for USA Weightlifting, which is the governing body of the sport—Olympic style Weightlifting.

Olympic Weightlifting is the only weightlifting sport participated in the Olympic Game’s. High Peaks Barbell Club is also part of Team Metal Militia and has a philosophy based on the concept of training to prevent injury as well as the enhancement of performance. High Peaks Barbell Club is the American Powerlifting Federation (APF) New Mexico State Headquarters, and an official SPARQ Training facility. High Peaks Barbell Club offers the best in free weights, dumbbells, specialized machines, and cardio equipment to fulfill all your fitness and training needs. High Peaks Barbell Club also offers a world-class location to train in a fully-supported altitude environment (8,200 plus ft.) as the “highest” Center for High Altitude Training.

From the finest in elite training facilities to comprehensive performance services, High Peaks Barbell Club customizes and manages every component of every altitude training camp so athletes can focus on training. The distinctive setting is enhanced by the surrounding Resort areas of Taos Ski Valley, Red turanaxyl River Ski Resort, and Angle Fire Ski Resort; all active mountain communities with many tourist attractions, and breath taking scenic beauty. High Peaks Barbell Club is truly one of the greatest gyms around. They have set up a gym that is good for both regular people trying to get in shape and competitive athletes. The atmosphere in the gym is awesome. There is great camaraderie among the members and everyone is always interested in how others training progress is going.

750 West Therma Drive, Eagle Nest, New Mexico FACILITY HOURS Monday –Wednesday-Friday – 7:00 am – 8:00 pm Tuesday & Thursday – By Appt. Only Saturday – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Sunday – Closed Train High At 8,200 Ft.


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Discovering Good Quality Garcinia Cambogia

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Substantial Peaks Barbell Membership is usually a personal instruction facility with express-of-the-art work bodyweight and cardiovascular system tools and current conveniences developed for players and grownups teaching. We realize that a health club should be a health and fitness center, and the people who operate a health club should know about the field. We disclose our company is not for every individual as ONLY severe individuals can teach at Higher Peaks Barbell Membership.

This site offers a variety of choices to connect with all of your fitness requirements

Significant Peaks Barbell Golf club is really a Substantial-Altitude Teaching Heart for USA Weightlifting, which is the governing body system on the sports activity-Olympic model Weightlifting. Olympic Weightlifting could be the only weightlifting outdoor activity took part in the Olympic Game’s. Significant Peaks Barbell Organization gives you the best in absolutely freeweight loads and free weights, customized units, and cardiovascular exercise tools to fulfill all your health and fitness and teaching requires. Higher Peaks Barbell Golf club offers a society-category location to teach within a thoroughly supported altitude ecosystem (8,300 plus feet.) since the “highest” Centre for High Altitude Instruction. The distinctive environment is increased with the encircling Holiday resort areas of Taos Snowboarding Valley, Crimson Stream Ski Resort, and Position Fire Ski Resort; all productive hill neighborhoods with most tourist attractions, and breath consuming scenic natural beauty.

Large Peaks Barbell Organization is actually a restricted subscription fitness center in Eagle Home, NM. The center is offered to males and females older than 16. The equipment is geared to training for strength, sizing creating, and rehabilitation. The area is master substantial exercising and induces major lifts. Invest too much time mentoring and encouraging people toward greatness… Our aim is always to deliver the finest exercising and real preparation area from the Moreno Valley, even though masters are not only body builders and powerlifters. We will always give the greatestatmosphere and devices, and customer support to make certain our participants have what they really want to attain their set goals. Whether you are a typical joe, a lifter, a competition, or maybe a complete newbie you will constantly acquire the exact same fantastic standard of provider and assistance. In the finest in elite instruction amenities to complete functionality solutions, Significant Peaks Barbell Team customizes and deals with every single part of any altitude training camping so sportsmen can focus on teaching.

The climate at the gym rocks ! You will find good camaraderie amongst the associates and everybody is always interested in how other individuals coaching progress is headed. Substantial Peaks Barbell Organization is looking for Professional Sturdiness Instructors and private personal trainers who have a wonderful mind-set and extroverted persona. Your Program will involve working with sporting events crews, sportsmen (novice and specialized), public and individual exercise sessions. Great Peaks Barbell Club Needs folks who want to expand and growmake and expand coaching an occupation. Significant Peaks Barbell Group will provide a fun, hospitable, and training setting to make sure your prosperity. High Peaks Barbell Membership is looking for all-natural managers which will talk about exactly the same ideals as Higher Peaks Barbell Club!

The possible prospect should be professional, have liability insurance, recent CPR/ First aid and more importantly be capable to function in a Group Atmosphere! We are beginning a different service Early spring/summer 2009 and are generally hunting on enlargement all the way through New Mexico with many amenities opening in the future an awesome chance of growth offers the profitable contenders.

It is not will be powerful. The fact is, there are tons of merchandise that don’t work on all. Usually, this is because they don’t have the right substances or maybe the appropriate dimensions. A great deal of curious buyers do not recognize how precise a science making an efficient nutritional supplement is really. It is will be too expensive to purchase. Since we carried out our analysis, we located that a majority of businesses market Garcinia Cambogia for $100 or maybe more! Who wishes to danger that type of capital on what could just be snake gas salesmanship? Your time and expense is beneficial therefore we never would love you to squander possibly one particular. So, we do the study on many of the top rated Garcinia Cambogia merchandise readily available.

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As it came to prominence this coming year, Garcinia proviron bodybuilding Cambogia has totally altered the dietary plan and weight loss entire world with practically thousands of folks attaining how much they weigh damage goals using this incredible little little fresh fruits.The brands we managed pick, we uphold. Our company is confident that these items can assist you achieve your targets. A number of the Garcinia Cambogia companies provided the proper ingredients, but experienced insufficient HCA, the important ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia. They use far less than was adopted in the clinical tests that generated fat reduction. Other companies loaded their nutritional supplements with cheap fillers, binders, along with other artificial elements. Almost all of them prevented high quality handle testing. Great Peaks Barbell Club can be the brand new Mexico Chapter of Workforce Steel Militia and has now a approach depending on the reasoning behind education to avoid harm in addition to the enhancement of overall performance.


We are firm believers that a weight is a weight, but who instructs you makes the difference! Yes some gyms may have pretty cardio equipment to entice people in, but the one thing they do not achieve is RESULTS! At High Peaks Barbell Club we teach you the principles and habits that make it easy to get the results you want. It is our job to take you under our wing and put you at ease by providing a safe, and private environment where you have the greatest chance of success on your quest for a healthier lifestyle and physique change. High Peaks Barbell Club performance coaches are not your run of the mill personal trainers you find at the local gym. High Peaks Barbell Club coaches are all certified and have worked in the sports field with athletes, teams and individuals for over 30 years. High Peaks Barbell Club coaches are always attending continuing education courses and increasing their knowledge. Our coaches have a passion in developing ALL individuals in their endeavors. Here at High Peaks Barbell we will inspire, guide and hold you accountable to what you want. Official members of the SPARQ Trainer Network

Curtis Schultz, CSCS, CFT, SPARQ Director of Sports Performance and Head Strength & Conditioning Coordinator Coach “C” has been working with individuals and athletes for over 20 years. A strength and conditioning coach, and football coach with experience coaching at the NCAA IA, IAA, II & III, NAIA, JUCO, High School, European professional and minor league levels. He also has done full powerlifting meets in the 242, 275 and 308 weight classes and currently competes in bench only competitions. IFPA Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist IFPA Certified Football Conditioning Specialist IFPA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer NESTA Certified SAQ Specialist USWF Club Coach SPARQ Certified Trainer Member CSCCa Member IFPA Member NESTA Member NASE Contributor for Bodybuilding.com, and Athletes.com Contributor for various bodybuilding, fitness and sports publications.

Anita Ramsey, CSCS, CFT, CSN, SPARQ Senior Women’s Strength & Conditioning Coach and delatestryl Nutrition Coordinator Anita has played an integral role in the creation of High Peaks Barbell Club. Anita was a National Physique Committee (NPC) National level bodybuilder for over 13 years winning state and regional titles while placing top 10 in all IFBB pro qualifiers. Anita is our resident authority on Women’s body-shaping, bodybuilding, fitness and figure prep. IFPA CSCS IFPA Certified Football Conditioning Specialist IFPA Certified PFT IFPA Certified Sports Nutritionist NESTA Certified Online PT NESTA Certified SAQ Specialist SPARQ Certified Trainer Member IFPA Member NESTA Member CPTN Member United States Ski Association Cunsultant for BeFit.ca Contributor for CriticalBench.com & Bodybuilding.com Published author with various bodybuilding, fitness and sports publications.